Banana Nutrament

Right Place, Wrong Time

After an amazing Sunday roast over at a friend's place, after too much red wine and incredible garlic pork loin, we tightened the belts back up and started marching down to the banks of the Gowanus Canal for the afternoon Steve Reid and Kieran Hebden show.

Crossing 4th Avenue, getting close.

The Gowanus Canal, otherwise known as Venice in Brooklyn.

Below is the Issue Project Room, a concrete silo artspace abutting the empty parking lots and ramshackle industrial buildings of east Carroll Gardens. Couldn't find the entrance though, no door to the street, just one gate that was all locked up.

"Did you check the dates on the tickets", I was asked. Funny thing that, the concert was actually scheduled for Sunday, April 2nd. I was then accused of having a habitual problem of pulling stunts like this, though I can't remember the last time I got a date wrong by an entire week. Sure, there was that Dungen show at Maxwell's when I told the door guy I was certain we were on the will call list; we got in, but a month later I found an envelope with three printed tickets in a drawer.

I guess I have something to look forward to next weekend.

Terry Riley - Music For The Gift (Part 2)
**Buy Hebden's Late Night Tales Mix from Plan 9**

Steve Reid Ensemble - Lions of Judah
**Buy Spirit Walk from Soul Jazz Records**

Tickets still on sale for two other Mercury Lounge dates, the rest of Reid + Hebden's tour schedule is here.