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Boredoms in London

Have left the wilder stretches of the North and am now back in London. An unexpected bit of serendipity occurred as the Boredoms hit town just as we got back.

The Mekons - Where Were You
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Everything has been pared down to drums, onstage a quartet emerged, EYE manically conducting the three drummers while working samplers, synthesizers, and those glowing orbs from last year. The set included practically all new material, highlight was a pseudo tribal house number with Yoshimi mock wailing like a disco diva.

I've taken enough pictures this vacation, so I left the camera at home. Maybe look for budding David Baileys on Flickr if you're interested in pictures.

Some would say they peaked here:

But they're still going in new, interesting directions (from all this year's All Tomorrow's Parties in Scotland):

I was somewhat remiss the other week with my attack on Pitchfork. While everything about The Fall still holds, new info has surfaced on the Boredoms' new label and its plans to reissue material. A more recent e-mail from Vice Recordings was forwarded over, there will be no box set, but five of the Super Roots editions will be reissued separately.

Boredoms - 7+ (EYE Remix)
**In dire need of that upcoming reissue**