Banana Nutrament


David Byrne, the enigma. Never know whether to hate or love dude. Get's all wacky weird pretentious but then he drops a monster like "I Zimbra" to make you reconsider. I still can't figure him out, and I'm guessing he's a self-Technorati-er (hi!). I dig his
PowerPoint interventions though, I guess it's the office anarchist in me.

Talking Heads - I Zimbra

Byrne sits on the board of ARChive, an unexplainable Noah's Ark of 40 grillion record doubles situated deep in the heart of TriBeCa. One dirty bomb and it all gets shunted to Fresh Kills, good long term strategic thinking. That goes for you too, Filmmaker's Co-op.

Here's a quote he has about the ARChive project, I don't know if it's acceptably precious or groan-worthy: "I picture a library-like situation where the staff, instead of being quiet, they make a lot of noise - dancing in the aisles."

The ARChive is a somewhat mysterious place started by one
pretty incredible person. I don't think they yet allow member access to their insanely deep library, but time will tell. Right now they're holding their (ir)regular record sale, nothing much there, with a lot of things left over from their last sale 9 months ago. They do have have Shuggie Otis Luaka Bop reissues for $2, if that's your thing. Sale runs through this Sunday. Here's more info on their sale, and a soon to be defunct Craigslisting. But the whole point of this post was Byrne and Talking Heads, so here you go: