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Half Gradual Footprint

Fooling around with Babelfish or taking potshots at wacky translations is pretty played out the Web. But when our sitemeter showed a spike of traffic coming in from Brazil, I had to see what all these message board referrals were about. It makes it all worthwile to observe a bunch of Brazilian kids forward around a link to our blog, listen to the Dungen stream, and then critique the band amongst themselves. Not to infantilize anyone, but this comment thread translated from Portuguese is cute as a button:

Mitkus: This band makes look like to be good...

Ricapancita UK: You unite, when hearing for the first time this musica, I was with impression that this Dungen is a version indie of... Yes.

Always Stoned: Really, they have a half gradual footprint exactly. To the living creature she must be excellent.

Gustavo Dean: I go to lower today exactly.

Pimentel UK: Fine thing, has the two feet in the Prog. I am UK and I never do not give up.

Gustavo Dean: Caraio, this band is as fierce as the Pampas.

Don't believe me?

The only other time a blip like this has arisen was when a bunch of people on a Hollertronix message board were spreading around a link to the Scotchlostomy post. Said forum was about song identifications, and I chimed in with an ID request of my own. I got a prompt answer and after doing a little digging, found the recording I was after:

Disco Dub Band - For the Love of Money
**Buy it here**

"For the Love of Money" is a real burner but you won't get much out of it if you're listening on tinny earbuds. A song like this needs subwoofers poking out of your trunk. I'd love to hear Tussle cover this live.

New Ghetto Express - On the Verge of Getting It On
**Buy it here**

Here's something I came across by accident. It was on a compilation of "weird disco". It's definitely got that proto-house thing going on. An absolutely essential Funkadelic cover. More summer madness.