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What if Dungen and Annie Had a Baby?

It's incredible that creeps on eBay will pay upwards of $1,000 on some rotten hangnail '68 psych LP when they could have booked a flight to Jersey to see the living cuticle for $12. I missed Dungen's first couple songs at Maxwell's, I was too enraptured by another artist's 9th inning craftsmanship and got back into the stage area a bit late. Joining my companions, the crowd pressed in quick; while Gari got his crotch on with Georgia, I was stuck getting weenie bumped by David Cross.

Gustav Ejstes has quite the luscious full head of hair. It's simply undeniable that the man could have a second career as a Nordic Pantene model. I would rather compliment his precise Zappa like control of his band, or mention his many talents as a flautist, but bascially Dungen simply rocked out all number of tracks from Ta Det Lugnt with a few outer space jams thrown in between. They easily melted the crowd's indie rock pretenstions and even earned a few head nods and shoulder dances.

Despite the obscenely cynical preview posted here, anyone within striking distance of NYC should get to the Siren Festival to catch their set. All sorts of blissful Nordic dawn sunrays should emanate.

Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt
**Buy it at Forced Exposure**

Update: If you can't make Siren, there is sold out "secret show" at
Mercury Lounge on Saturday night
. Maybe try Craigslist? Also, they will be flying out to Pitchfork's Intonation Festival for those of you near Chicago.

Second Update: Apparently Annie is Swedish and Dungen is from Norway. Or maybe the other way around. I always get those two countries mixed up.

Third Update: Which reminds me, if anyone can help here, I am looking for a vinyl LP copy of Ta Det Lugnt. Any shops in NYC or on the Internet stocking it? I see it on GEMM, but am not sure if these are real ones or orders to be filled. My e-mail is -- it would be much appreciated.