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Report from the Siren Festival

It was a beautiful day for sunshine and bands. Went down there with pal and co-blogger Gordo, he packed a great vegan lunch and superb organic brownies. I wore my brown Blogger t-shirt so people could identify me, but we didn't run into any of our readers or any blogebrities.

It was great to hear Dungen again. Having just seen them at Maxwell's, they did not disappoint. Here we are at the back, after arriving to the main stage.

Gordo got a little wild with the Super Soaker. It was funny at first but some of the indies scowled at us.

At this point people were NOT happy getting wet. If I was wearing a $200 vintage red t-shirt or had spent a couple hours perfecting my bedhead, I wouldn't want to get wet either. I told Gordo to cool it, so he blasted me in the face instead.

Dungen closed out an amazing set. You might wonder how we got so close.. Now, we're not like those douches who wait for the show to start and then just push through you. But there was definite bad energy where we had been standing and we agreed it was best to move to new terrain.

Right around the close of Dungen's set I started feeling this weird tingling all over my body. This picture doesn't look like much now, but I must have stared at my hand for about a good 45 minutes.

When I took this picture it freaked me out. It was like I was taking a picture inside another reality that was inside another camera. And was there someone behind me taking a picture of my LCD screen? Or is the real reality inside the screen and the surrounding world just it's monitor?

I had this amazing burst of creativity and a total Eureka! moment. I turned to take pictures of the Cyclone, but I changed lens settings and moved my arm around fluidly. I call my invention "slow shutter speed" and I'm going to make a million dollars off it.

I lost Gordo and sort of wandered until I hit the boardwalk. This really cool guy vending beers offered to take my picture as apparently I had been stock still for over two hours just staring at the sun.

I blacked out for awhile but then I found Gordo near Stillwell Avenue. He said we should meet up later because he was too busy blasting cops with his squirt gun toy.

I passed out when I got home and never made it to any of the afterparties. I woke up Sunday morning with the worst sunburn of my life. I wish I had invested in aloe vera futures.

The Darelycks - Bad Trip