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The Boredoms take on a Japanese TV anime theme song with "Jungle Taitei" for their Super Roots 8 release. Tomita tweaks it out on the boards for this remix, pushing Eye's habit of massive flanger use to even greater levels. The "Planet Rock" style electro spazzout appended to the end might have been slipped in there for comic effect, but I really like its use in the finish.

Boredoms - Jungle Taitei (Laughter Robot's Hemp Mix) Remixed by Yann Tomita
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Did "Me and Julio.." come out last summer or the year before that? I'm talking about the single, not the inclusion on the last !!! album. I can't remember offhand, these summer anthems start to blur into each other. This Magnetic Fields cover is their single of the moment, it has been stocked pretty well throughout NYC and has earned the band a little more press. I don't think it's going to be the next summer banger though, still, what's nice about it is that it could work both in a sweaty club or during a quiet moment in your own home. You might be able to find the b-side to this somewhere out there in the blog world, but if you like it that much, don't be a cheapskate. It's only 5 dollars and it has ace cover art.

!!! - Take Ecstasy With Me
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Seeing as everything on the blog as of late has been summer jams, why not go out with a chant to the sun itself. Nice use of the scraper, much like the !!! track. Come to think of it, the scraper and the maracas were the only instruments our music teacher trusted me with in grade school.

Jakki - Sun...Sun...Sun...(Larry Levan Mix)
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