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Optimo throws a party in Glasgow, Scotland, and judging by the provenance of the name they took and the remix work they have dabbled in, I would imagine it's a pretty fun affair. The new followup to their How to Kill the DJ 2 is entitled Psyche Out and it is a doozy. Rare acid rock cuts brush up against early Chicago acid house without sounding like a forced juxtaposition. They go quite well together, actually. Like your chooclate falling into my peanut butter, the 303 and the fuzz box are a serendipitous match. 20 Jazz Funk Greats big upped Psyche Out among their many praises of the Optimo crew, mentioning a Hawkwind cut that is the one of the highlights of the mix. But I can't get this mashup out of my head, it's Simple Minds' "Theme for Great Cities" paired with some acid synth squiggle that pairs perfectly. I think I've listened to it every day for three weeks now.

Acid Test - Test One / Simple Minds - Theme for Great Cities
More about Psyche Out at the Optimo site