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Happy 4th of July! (No Post)

Apologies to our UK readership, no post today, it's the 4th of July and I'm guessing hardly anyone is bored at work or checking blogs on this lovely, sunny Monday. It's an important day for us Americans, a time to barbecue massive heaps of chicken, crash our boats into each other, fire bottle rockets at low flying Cessnas, and most importantly, drive drunk after the festivities end. Maybe you people have a bank holiday or something.

Five years ago I worked in London and I clearly remember going out with some friends that July 4th night, taking the tube out to Hoxton to go to the Jazz Cafe. As we went up a massive escalator we were correctly pegged us as Americans by the people going down. A bunch of bold teenagers called us out and said something teasing but good spirited. We returned with screams of "Revolutionary War! USA BABY", to which they tactfully returned with "Vietnam! Vietnam!". Sorry about the lack of a post today, instead I will leave you with this rarely heard treat:

John Cage, Nico, & Damo Suzuki - All Tomorrow's Parties
UPDATE: Dumb joke made on the 4th, now unfunny due to the awful events in London of this morning of the 7th.