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sixseveneightnineten ELEVEN TWELVE

In my record digging I came across something astounding. I saw on a list that Larry Levan had remixed something from a certain Cookie Monster. I wondered what 70's group that could be, maybe some sort of forgotten Latin flute jazz soul group? Maybe a second rate MFSB? Then I started to get the shivers when I realized he had remixed the very one and only Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! At that point I knew I had to get my hands on it, and though I ordered it I knew I couldn't wait a week and a half, so I fired up every MP3blogger's dirty little secret. The "C is for Cookie" remix is a fine one, falling somewhere below his better remixes but interesting enough to keep in the back of your head. The cut before it though, truly jaw-dropping and utterly unexpected. "Pinball Number Count" will have pretty much give every adult raised in the Western world during the the '70s or '80s wracked with an immediate Pavlovian response. This recording has been a Holy Grail of beat fiends -- except, it didn't exist in any commercial release of any kind. The wonderful folks at Ninja Tune worked with the Children's Television Workshop to stitch together the various counting segments into a proper song. I find it hilarious people having been trying to find this for so long, it's a jingle I too have been seeking without even knowing it. I'm pretty sure in the past couple years, if it's late enough and I am sufficiently fucked up, I've had that One Two Three FOUR FIVE sixseveneightnineten ELEVEN TWELVE thing richochet around my head for no good reason.

The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count
**Buy it from Ninja Tune**

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