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Jude Law and M.I.A Get They Knob On

Item! We have it on great authority from our comments box that Jude Law and M.I.A. are making the beast with two backs. When she dumped Diplo we figured she was due for an upgrade. F U Stereogum, F U Drudge, this is a Banana Nutrament nnnneXCLUSIVE, y'all got scooped.

true, it's a Maxim publication, but it has teh hawtness

The wonderful thing about the Internerd is that if this a malicious rumor, no one will remember and I lose no face. If it's true then I'm the Liz Smith of indie rock.

Good luck you two, you make a great couple.

Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love (Ratcliffe Remix)
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