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Pop/Punk Experimentalism

I have never done nor had happen to me anything like yesterday's post.

Although, one time as a child, while looking at all the colorful rocks behind glass at the geology section of the American Museum of Natural History, I had my first encounter with Noise. I got too close to a chalky flourescent yellow looking specimen, and all of a sudden I experienced involuntary convulsions along with my eardrums buzzing loudly. I hadn't triggered an alarm, and yet no one else had heard what I had experienced. I was certain that this moonrock/geological oddity had beamed it directly into my skull.

Anyway, here are some wooly sounds that have benefited from the smuggling of avant-garde signatures out of the academy and into a poppier oddball context.

Nigel Simpkins - Times Encounter

**More info at Hyped 2 Death**

Cecil Leuter - Pop Electronique No. 2
**Buy it at Moviegrooves**

Also, apropos of nothing, here is a Google video link to Charles and Ray Eame's wonderful film Powers of Ten.

I had quite the eBay addiction for 16mm films a few years ago. Being a half broke newcomer to New York City, I kept afloat by finding poorly listed lots and flipping them. Spent more money than I made due to collecting, but one well-remembered deal involved reselling a print of Duchamp's Anemic Cinema for too much money. My other major parting was with a print of Powers of Ten I had found for $10 dollars. I kicked it over to someone in the UK for around $280. Well worth it for him too, it's a wonderful film.