Banana Nutrament


Liz Harris of Grouper creates wispy assemblages of processed vocals and instrumentation, stacking breathy layer upon layer until they collapse inward and swallow themselves. I can't figure out if she's using delay pedals or tape loops, regardless, she has the uncanny ability to weave gossamer whispers into momentous constructions.

Grouper - Way Their Crept
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Interview at Foxy Digitalis

Ethereal and plaintive, this heart-rending cover of "Midnight Cowboy" gives the Langley School Music Project a run for its money.

New Palestine High School Girls Glee Club - Midnight Cowboy
**Woefully out of print, a few sound samples of Poly High: School Bands Play the Classics are still up at Aquarius Records**

I know it's crass and completely unrelated to today's post, but someone go out and buy this for me, I've been watching it like a hawk and there are only 14 minutes left. Giant megaphone helmets! Happy Mondays provenance!