Banana Nutrament

Daylight's for the Birds

Banana Nutrament favorite On!Air!Library! has apparently pulled the plug after a great LP, a split EP, and an opening slot on Interpol's 2004 tour. It's tough to see them call it quits while showing so much promise. Fortunately, two thirds of the band are still collaborating under the moniker Daylight's for the Birds. Gone are the gauzy interwoven field recordings and Morricone steeped interludes, retained is all the pop experimentalism of O!A!L!.

Banana Nutrament

These are just rough mixes of songs they have been writing, but such great early efforts lead me to hope they get to touring soon.

Daylight's for the Birds - Worlds Away
Daylight's for the Birds - Flicker

Daylight's for the Birds MySpace Site (with music streams)