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Happy Singing Children

I mentioned on Monday the fortune I had in scoring a sealed copy of the Black Orpheus soundtrack for $3. This could be a rarity for obsessive Jobim collectors or maybe it's as common as those naked chick Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass records that are seen in every bargain bin, I could care less, it's all just sentimental value to me. A favorite film of mine, I was introduced to it by a junior high Latin teacher who also got away with screening I, Claudius for three weeks instead of teaching us. Beats making a lesson plan.

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Samba de Orfeu
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I love the shoolkid chorus backing up the skittish guitar, it all sort of rushes up in an ecstatic swoop.

Theo Parrish - Friendly Children
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When I play the Jobim, I think of "Friendly Children" by Theo Parrish. I know he didn't use "Samba de Orfeu", as the kids are singing something else entirely. Still, the two songs are fused together to my ears, they both trade in poles of melancholy and hopefulness inextricably wrapped up in one another. I'd love to find out where he sourced those samples. Maybe he just walked into a grade school and did it himself.