Banana Nutrament

The Weekend Record Haul

Banana Nutrament made out good this weekend. Real good. Better than the last time I posted. Park Slope had one of the biggest stoop sale weekends I can remember. I guess it's a combination of Fall cleaning, last week's Labor Day weekend, and people starting to realize they only have a few more chances to have a sale before it gets too cold. I wasn't even trying to pick stuff up, we just happened across these platters walking around the neighborhood.

Devo - Q: Are We Not Men?
I bought this CD a long time ago after a screening of Bruce Connor's "Mongoloid" film (a proto-MTV video). Don't know where I put that CD so now I have this.

50 cents
Happy Mondays -Hallejulah EP
This has a couple good songs and three remixes. I always like "Hallejulah" but was surprised how drugged out and plodding the Club Mix is, it wasn't how I remembred it. I suggest going up to 45RPM and pitching way down to recreate a mini-Hacienda in your own home.

Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Club Mix)
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Urgh! A Music War
Double LP soundtrack to the classic movie. Psyched to get it, but unfortunately it must have been stored in someone's hot trunk. When I got home I realized the records were hopelessly warped and unplayable. Can't complain for a dollar, I guess it goes with the territory..

Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady
I'm not really not into classic punk of the '70s. The Sex Pistols were a cool prank, I don't understand the hopeless devotees of The Clash, and pretty much think that British post-punk, Dischord era DC stuff, and overlooked bands like The Mekons sound better. But I love the Buzzcocks. This seems to be a compilation of all their catchier hits.

The Jam - The Gift
The Missus wanted it. We haven't put it on yet, but I'm sure it is stellar.

Suicide - S/T
I'm guessing the first album? I was surprised to find this. It has Cheree and the longish Frankie Teardrop.

50 cents
Gang of Four Yellow EP
I got this on Montgomery Place. Kind of funny to find this agitprop 4 song workout from Gang of Four on probably the most bourgeois street in the neighborhood. Montgomery has been voted Brooklyn's Best Block to Live On in New York Magazine and is the home of Caroline Kennedy.

Black Orpheus Soundtrack
Found this at the PS 3.2.1. market. I've always loved the film, and the Jobim score is incredible. Field recordings of Rio's Carnival are intercut with quiet dirges and simple guitar pieces. It was sealed too, felt pretty strange opening up something from forty years ago.

Rap Mastercuts
I'm not particularly drawn to bootlegs and even though the wax was scratched up, I grabbed this as it had Special Ed's "The Magnificent" and Brand Nubian's "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down" among other cuts. Weirdly, the Brand Nubian on the label was in error. In it's place was Black Sheep's "The Choice is Yours". No quality control with these boot pressings, but I'll take it.

Black Sheep - The Choice is Yours
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Just spotted the video here