Banana Nutrament

Thursday, 9/15 (Nexus of the Universe)

CMJ is hotting it up on Thursday. I have no idea why they had to pick that particular day to confound us so. I have limited interest in most of the CMJ offerings, and then out of nowhere enough bands to keep me busy for two weeks are all playing the same night at roughly the same time. Makes you wish you could be in multiple places at once. Or at least have a limo with a mirrored floor to ferry you around from venue to venue.

11:30 AM
Deerhoof, Daughters, Von Iva, Chinese Stars
Cake Shop

There's something wonderfully perverse about going to a Deerhoof show while draining your morning coffee.

8:00 PM
Blood on the Wall, Psychic Ills, Samara Lubelski, Artanker Convoy, Telepathy

Great Social Registry schedule. A must see show. This label is a Banana Nutrament favorite and their bands have been featured here too many times. Yeah, see if I could clone myself and later hunt myself down for sport I'd send him there, but as it stands..

8:00 PM
Delia & Gavin, Cut Copy, Hot Chip, The Juan Maclean, Panico, Ponihoax
Northsix looks like I'm going to this showcase instead. Damn you, cruel sands of time.

5:00 PM
The Arcade Fire, Sound Team, Bell Orchestre
Central Park Summerstage

That's cute, $30 advance, $35 day of show. You're not buying a day of show ticket, as this is so sold out that even those snot nosed college radio programmers won't be getting in with their precious CMJ badges. Wonder if Bowie will show.

9:30 PM
Dungen, Diamond Nights, Tarantula A.D., Cheeseburger

Bowery Ballroom

Dungen is yet another Banana Nutrament favorite. It's good rock with a timeless quality to it, and you don't have to be a psyche dweeb to get into it. I'd be fiending to see this show if I hadn't already caught their great performance at Maxwell's back in July.

Back then I asked our readership to help me figure out where I could score Ta det Lungt on vinyl. I ended up jumping the gun and buying it direct from the label in Sweden, along with an EP of songs that didn't make the final cut. Forced Exposure is handling US distribution of Dungen's new 7", short EP, and reissues of older stuff.

Dungen - Tyst Minut

**Forced Exposure should have it soon, site not updated though. Better call them if you're after new Dungen**

5:00 PM The New Pornographers, Tim Fite

Bowery Ballroom
I have never heard a New Pornographers song, but they seem to be on the up and up with the indie set. How's that for doing my research?

8:00 PM

Cordova, Ian Love, The Silent Type, Vague Angels, Knife Skills, Nakatomi Plaza
Cake Shop

So I was all set to mock the hipster cachet of the name "Knife Skills". Then I checked out their site and realized these hotties can play out. Edgy, skittering punk along the lines of Erase Errata. Yes, "angular" has been banished from my vocabulary.

Knife Skills - Get Home Safe
Knife Skills - Our Summer of Teenage Lust
**Knife Skills website**

8:45 PM
Tommie Sunshine, Josh Wink, Evil Nine, Men, Women and Children, Dragonette, Something for Rockets
Canal Room

Josh Wink is so great that the Law of Twenty does not apply to him. His shit will be retro relevant again in only two more years. Here's a taste if you slept the first time 'round:

Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
**Buy it at Amazon**

7:00 PM
Amadou and Mariam, Laura Veirs, Glenn Kotche (of Wilco)
Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel (CMJ) 21+ $25

Diallo got his band back together? WHAT WHAT

8:00 PM
Rasputina, Mia Doi Todd

That's rough to be a Mia in the era of M.I.A.

8:00 PM
Every Move A Picture, Test-Icicles, The Like, World Leader Pretend, The Morning After Girls, The Chalets

Test-Icicles might actually be the best not-fake-actually-real band name ever.

8:00 PM
The Wrens, Goblin Cock, The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, Sparrow, The Dudley Corporation, Get Him Eat Him
Mercury Lounge

Correction, I see with Goblin Cock we have a new winner. Cock gobblers.

8:00 PM
Surefire, Tsar, The Sexy Magazines, Ley Royal Scam
Pussycat Lounge

I don't know who these bands are but the Pussycat Lounge is the best strip club within spitting distance of Ground Zero that I know of. Ask for the prostate massage upstairs.

7:00 PM
Flying, Polysics, Gorch Fock, Attack Formation, Tia Carrera, The Arm

How sweet is that? Tia from
Wayne's World plus THE GORCH!