Banana Nutrament

Back at the Drone Disco

I tried Dance Dance Revolution in Coney Island once, I thought I did alright for the few minutes I was hopping around. At least up until I saw a few Chinese teens rolling their eyes at my performance.

Banana Nutrament

I don't think those kids would last half hour in the orgone drenched sauna of a Theo Parrish set.

Theo Parrish - Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix)
**Boomkat used to have it**

"Catapults" was my jam for most of the Fall. Not sure how I happened across this Burning Star Core mp3, but for post-work walks in the crisp air it was always at the ready. At times C Spencer Yeh sounds like Tony Conrad directing a junior high school orchestra while huffing a bag of glue. But I mean that in only the best way possible.

That one lone track left such an impression that I picked up Burning Star Core's full length as soon I saw it in the shops. Wonderful cover art too, good enough to dislodge a certain Rebore project off my Wall of Nerd.

Banana Nutrament
win a silver star if you can identify the Burning Star Core record (no cheating)
win a gold star if you can identify all five
win a hoodie embroidered with "Gentrifier" if you can figure out where I live (use woodwork context clooz)

Burning Star Core - Catapults
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